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Introducing Our Bring-a-Friend Discount

26 May

As you may have heard, we’re offering some creative writing classes this summer, taught by stellar instructors. These classes are filling up, but we have a limited number of spots still available in each class.

And so, getting to the special deal part of this post . . . when you and a friend register for the same class, you’ll both get a $25 discount. Please let us know your friend’s name in the text box when you register for either our Austin-based workshop or our online class. This discount will arrive in the form of a reimbursement after both registrations–yours and your friend’s–are processed.

Thanks! Hope to see you in class!

Register Now for ASF Summer Classes

1 May

Come summertime, we here at ASF like to tackle big books (we did Infinite Summer last year) and read at local watering holes. Summer tends to be a little quieter around the office, so it’s a good time for us to reflect on the past year and gear up for the coming months. It’s ideal for recharging, gaining fresh perspective, and pursuing something new (such as a writing class, say).

We figured that other folks may be looking for something creative to do this summer, so with that in mind, we’re launching three classes. Two of them are here in Austin; one is online. Enrollment is underway.

I was utterly dazzled by the Atlantic’s First Drafts project . . . and I thought the Poets & Writers Inspiration issue had lots of great insights on sourcing ideas and writerly obsessions, too. These two magazines got me thinking about writers and their processes, how they filter the world, and what inspires them. This class offers different writers’ takes on inspiration. Four visiting writers will share their writing tips, sources of discovery, and jump-right-in exercises Sundays this June. We’re calling this four-week series Jump Starts: Weekly Talks on Writing and Inspiration. In Austin.

Wednesday nights in June, we’re offering our popular fiction workshop. A supportive and exploratory experience for both new and practicing writers, this eight-week course tackles the craft of fiction writing with directed readings and assignments. Students will prepare stories for discussion and receive feedback on revision and preparing material for publication. Instructor Michael Noll, a former ASF contributor and an Assistant Editor at Narrative, has received praise from past students for his “especially useful and original” teaching methods and his exceptional readings and commentary on student work. In Austin.

And finally, for those looking for flexible scheduling and the ability to join in from anywhere, we’ve opened registration for an online workshop. Eight weeks of generative exercises and great discussion of craft and student work, plus plenty of writing dos and don’ts from writers and editors. Kicks off June 15. Online.

You can see more detail on all three classes here.

We keep our class sizes small so that everyone gets individualized attention and specific feedback on their work. Questions about the classes? Drop us a line at info[at]

Sign up for our first-ever Fiction Lab!

12 Jan

We’re holding our first Fiction Lab this Saturday, January 15, here in Austin. It’s a three-hour class that’ll provide you with tips and tricks to launch your writing project.

Consider it a focused mini class, a fiction clinic, a place where you can go to find support, individualized attention, and a writing community. (All that for just $30.)

Writer and ASF contributor Dalia Azim leads the class, which will examine great beginnings in fiction and tackle writing exercises that draw the reader in early and often. The lab will provide a supportive and generative experience for both new and practicing writers.

Spirit of inquiry required. Lab coats optional.

Sign up now.

Where Writers Show and Tell

16 Jul

Looking for a quality (free) virtual social networking writing group? ASF has some suggestions.

Zoetrope Virtual Studio
: a collaborative tool for writers and other artists. Submit, give feedback, get feedback—and your submissions may be read and considered for publication by the Zoetrope: All-Story editorial staff.

She Writes: a new social network where women writers working in every genre—in every part of the world and of all ages and backgrounds—can come together in a space of mutual support.

Fictionaut: part self-selecting magazine, part community network, Fictionaut is a way for readers to discover new voices and for writers to share their art, gain recognition, and connect with their audience and each other.

Facebook’s Poets & Writers Registry: a group designed to help professional and aspiring poets (writers, screenwriters, and songwriters) find and post information about poetry organizations, publishing/small presses, book releases, contests and award info, festivals, and more. (Not affiliated with Poets & Writers magazine.)

Let ASF know about your favorite writing communities in the comments.

Register Now: New Writing Classes for Adults

2 Jul

ASF Workshop SeriesThe American Short Fiction Workshop Series launches two online classes soon—July 15—so sign up now for a spot in an introductory workshop or learn how to apply for an advanced one. Classes run for eight weeks, through September 2. All students will receive individualized attention from instructors, be given targeted exercises to generate new work, and gain access to a supportive community of writers.

Both classes are workshop based. The introductory class will teach students how to read as writers and will focus on the elements of fiction. The advanced class will examine contemporary short stories and delve into Charles Baxter’s wonderful book on craft, The Art of Subtext: Beyond Plot.

Below is just a sampling of what some of our online students have to say about the workshops:

  • “You run a hell of a workshop.”
  • “I love online workshops. Just like reading a good short story, you get to know people (characters) from the inside out. The emphasis is on the work rather than the personalities of the writers. Plus, they offer opportunities for aspiring writers across the country to work with writers they wouldn’t otherwise be able to, and at a reasonable cost and time commitment.”
  • “Starting the course with some opening readings and exercises and craft discussions was a wise choice. Naming the World [creative writing exercises, a course text] is excellent and I’ve already recommended it to a bunch of people. The discussion with the instructor about my writing was extremely helpful.”

ASF Launches an Online Class

29 Jan

We are thrilled to announce that the first class in the ASF Workshop Series, Short Story Essentials: Writing Fiction for Publication, kicks off on March 4. This class is close to our hearts–not only we will be discussing great published fiction and workshopping your stories, we’ll also be demystifying the submission process.

Taught by ASF editors, the 8-week online workshop will focus on voice and story structure. We’ll also be exploring different markets for fiction and providing tips on submitting to literary journals. Visit for course details and how to apply. The application deadline is February 20, 2009.