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On Ritual: ASF Contributors on Their Writing Routines (Today: Scott Garson)

15 Sep

Today, as part of a six-day series, we present our findings, from the silly to the sublime: the routines and rituals—or lack of them—of each of the following writers. . .

Stephanie Austin * Scott Garson * Amelia Gray * Matthew Salesses * Melissa Swantkowski * Josh Weil

On Ritual
Scott Garson, “Premises for an Action Plan,” Web Exclusive, Mr. May 2009

“I had some OK rituals at one point. Then my wife had a kid.

“You know what I really think? I think that a simple, ordered routine would help save time in transition. My life is pretty various. If I could just squeeze everything together. . . Squeeze out all the wandering, daydreaming, forgetting where my coffee cup’s at.

That’s not about to happen. My hope: since the imagination is never orderly, it won’t insist on me being that way.”

If there’s an ASF author whose rituals you’d like to hear about, comment below. We’ll report back soon.

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