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Short Notices: Winter, Interns, and an Excerpt

20 Nov

It’s been a while. We’re hoping to eventually get these Short Notices posts up on the blog weekly, but it’s been a crazy fall ‘round here.

We’ve been working on final stuff for the Winter issue, which we should have in our hands at the beginning of December. We really, sincerely, intensely, over-the-top love these stories and have put a ton of work into making sure you do, too. Together they form something so great and so strong.

Here are some contributor names: Michael Noll, Laura Owen, Suzanne Rivecca, Leigh Gallagher, Eugene Cross.

The lovely Karen Ingram provided the cover art. Check out more of her work here. (And try to get your hands on one of those postcards. . .)

We’re also looking forward to our December reading, our launch party for the issue. Michael Noll will be coming in from his current residence, the Katherine Anne Porter House, to read from his blockbuster “Bullheads.” Actress Maggie Wilhite will be reading from Laura Owen’s “The Execution Trick,” and Ashley Butler will be reading from Dear Sound of Footstep, her essay collection out from Sarabande Books.

The reading will be Friday, December 4, , at 7pm, at Space 12Space 12, a growing community center on Austin’s East Side, is a new space for us and we think it’s going to be a laughing-crying-stomping good time. Live Oak is donating a keg and we’ll be rocking out to some pre-reading music from local band Frank Smith.  Come out, meet us, and join the fun. Seriously. We’ll amaze you.

In other news, we’ve added a new option on the submission manager for short shorts. We publish a new Web Exclusive every month and we’ve found that women totally dominate the less-than-2000 words category. Why? Get it together, guys, and send us something short and gripping or short and stunning or short and subtly spectacular. We’re still selecting for the February issue as well.

Also, also, also: We’re looking for interns for the Spring. We’ve been scheming and have come up with some new projects that involve integrating the fabulous Austin music scene into our fabulous Austin-based literary magazine, so we need a music intern who’s well acquainted with bands and venues and such in this crazy town. More on that to come. We’re also looking for editorial interns, so if you’re in Austin and like fiction, send your résumé and cover letter to me, Callie Collins, at callie.collins [at] In your cover letter, please let us know about your experience with contemporary fiction (who do you read?) and tell us about a favorite short story and why you like it so darn much.

A brief list of things of things we think will make you a happier person:

  • Pumpkin bread
  • The new Mountain Goats album, The Life of the World to Come
  • One of the new Nabokovs, with their beautiful covers.
  • Michael Schaub’s tweets (@michaelschaub)

And because I can’t resist, I’ll leave you with an excerpt from the first story in the issue, Laura Owen’s “The Execution Trick”.

“I’ve come up with a list of five ways to stay sane away from home,” the Magician says. His eyes have softened; he’s relaxed. There’s no way this is the first time or last time for this speech.

“Please share.”

“One: Lift weights every day.” He holds up his right hand, indicating the number one with his index finger. When he moves his arms you really notice that the neck and head don’t move at all. I also notice, for the first time, what seems to be small, black stitches in the side of his neck. “Two: Talk to someone from Minnesota everyday. Three: Introduce myself to someone new. And if I don’t meet someone new, I have to introduce two tourists who haven’t met yet.”

“So is that three or four steps now?” I check the camera again. I think I’ve set up the lighting a little too brightly, but there’s no pressing need to fix that now.

“That’s four. Three and four are kind of one step, I guess.”

“And step five?”

Now he really smiles. I thought the smile before seemed too wide, too cheerful, to be real. But this one is even wider, squishing his eyes up into his wide, shiny forehead.

“Do some magic,” he says.

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    Highly energetic article, I loved that bit.Will there be a part 2?

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