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15 May

Our deadline is looming, folks. Submit your stories of 1,000 words or fewer to the American Short(er) Fiction Prize by midnight Pacific tonight, May 15. Here’s how:

We look forward to reading your work.

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  1. Jordan D May 24, 2012 at 8:01 pm #

    It is mind-blowing thinking how one day could effect your life so greatly. It recently hit me as I was thinking about it a few weeks ago. I was lounging in my bedroom on another ugly and rainy day outside. It wasn’t just another regular day though. I remember as I woke up this was the day that changed my life. This very day, seven years ago something terrifying happened that changed everything. This is day both of my parents were killed.
    It was on June 29, 2005 in Los Angeles, California on a pleasant but warm summer day. I lived in a simple two-story home and I loved it here. I had lived here all of my life and had the best memories. Everything was going well lately, my dad had owned a local grocery store my mother found a job for once. The whole family was happy but we found out my dad was hiding something. We found out he wasn’t paying the building fees because he had no money. The days were getting worse and worst. You could almost tell by the agony in his face that everything was going wrong and the grocery store would eventually shutdown. My mother was also laid off because she was stressed and tired and would always make it to work late. We went bankrupt two weeks after my father lost his job at the grocery store. The whole building fully shut down and was gone. The house that we lived in was shutdown because of foreclosure. It was a terrible day and I was sobbing very hard because I had many memories in this home, same with my sister Abby who was two years younger than me. She was crying but didn’t understand what was happening as much because she was too young. But I’m sure she understood that were never coming back here. We were then moved to the projects.
    The projects were a government-subsidized housing development with relatively low rents. I hate living in it because it was very ghetto and in an unsafe environment. There were always people drug dealing, drinking alcohol, and shootings. I hated living here and I had prayed everyday that someday I would move from this disgusted place. My parents were bankrupt and had nothing to do or go anywhere we had no money. My parents were always sitting there discussing what to do next but had no clue. They were very uneducated and unintelligent with the whole thing. They couldn’t find a new job because the economy was plumbing down a hole and the fact my parents didn’t have a college degree.
    My parents had one thing to do and there plan was to rob a house. I heard them talking in the front of my house I was ten at the time and understood everything. I was scared to death of what would happen. Going to bed that night was terrifying they tucked me into bed and kissed me goodnight like always. This time it was more sincere though. I closed my eyes and blinked them right open as they shut the door. I cracked the door open and peeked through at them, they were preparing to rob the mansion nearby. I went to sleep knowing that I wouldn’t see them again it was the worst feeling but I just knew they would be caught. I just decided to go to bed crying but then calmed my self down.
    I woke up that morning at about 7:00am and I was alone in the house just me and my sister. I went in her bedroom right next to me and she was in her sleeping in her bed. She was five years old. I woke her up and told her what our parents had done and I told her everything that happened. She was crying but I told her everything would be okay and she took my word. At 10:00am the police busted into my house with a gun and I was scared to death. The police asked where my parents were and I told them I don’t know, then they took me and my sister into the car and we went to the police department. I didn’t no where we were going or doing but the police told me what was happening once I reached at the police station. My aunt and uncle were there waiting and they were crying They told me that my parents had been stabbed to death 50 miles away nearby a bank. They also told me that they looked like they were trying to rob the bank too but all they knew was they were stabbed to death. I was surprised even more once they told me were stabbed to death. I broke out and started crying and it was terrible. I thought it would be easy but it wasn’t I eventually stopped and realized I couldn’t do anything about it but love them in my heart and live life.
    I went home with my aunt and uncle and lived them from then on. My whole life was different now. How I was raised and my life got better day by day. They had a nicer home and lived in a great environment. I missed my parents even though I would have lived in a worse place and it would have been harder but they were always there for me and I loved them. Even all of these terrible events took place, there was on day that massively changed everything. If I could change this one day, I wish I could change the day my parents got there jobs swept away. This changed my life instantly and unexpectedly in such a great time. I just wish my parents were still alive.

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